Chinese firm Sungrow inks 145 MW Distribution Agreements During Solar Pakistan 2023

The world’s top provider of inverters and energy storage system solutions, Sungrow, made a prominent presence at Solar Pakistan 2023 from March 10 to 12 by exhibiting its utility solution 1+X Modular Inverter, cutting-edge commercial inverters, and commercial storage system PowerStack. In order to support Pakistan’s 2030 goal of producing 60% of its electricity from renewable sources, the company also signed 145 MW of distribution agreements with local partners at the expo, including SkyElecteic, Wateen Energy, and Uenergy.

Distributed generating systems, including those for utility company operations and household applications, have been credited with a significant portion of the rise in solar PV. It is certain that Pakistani solar installers want to offer the best, safest, and most dependable products to their clients. The Sungrow devices on show are anticipated to change the game for Pakistani businesses and homeowners who want complete control over their energy usage.

The PowerStack, a competitive energy storage system (ESS) for commercial and industrial (C&I) installations, makes use of Sungrow’s highly integrated intelligent liquid cooling technology for exceptional dependability, simple transport and maintenance, and cost savings. Together with Sungrow’s CX-P2 series of inverters, this pre-assembled, high-efficiency ESS solution offers long battery cycle life and allows parallel connection and easy system extension. It also offers C&I customers cost-effective, flexible, safe, and dependable energy storage.

Also, Pakistani householders are increasingly trying to reduce their environmental impact and cut back on their electrical expenditures. With three-phase PV inverters ranging from 5 kW to 20 kW, Sungrow is extremely delighted to assist the distribution of its residential solar solutions and give installers access to the tools they require.

Moreover, Sungrow’s solar systems come with iSolarCloud, which links them to web portal and mobile application monitoring platforms and facilitates simple energy monitoring. Homeowners and utility-scale users can track both electricity generation and consumption data in real time to better understand their bills thanks to this particular centralised PV plant management’s low O&M costs and user-defined views, which can provide full system supervision via multidimensional analysis.

Sungrow’s network of committed installer partners in the area, who are well aware of the advantages of Sungrow’s technology and how it satisfies the needs of its clients, is largely responsible for the company’s rapid expansion. To improve their independence from unpredictable traditional power sources, Sungrow and its partners are committed to provide cutting-edge, market-leading products, technical support, and best-in-class customer care. With the launch of the C&I and residential portfolios in 2023, Sungrow is eager to see more installers in Pakistan use its products and solutions to satisfy the rising demand.

“Pakistan is one of the most potential solar and energy storage hubs, and one of Sungrow’s essential strategic markets. The smart, safe and efficient solar and energy storage systems of Sungrow are expected to be delivered to utility-scale, commercial & industrial and residential users across Pakistan, contributing to the country’s energy supply and climate change mitigation,” said Howard Fu, Country Director of Sungrow Pakistan.

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