FAW Diesel Generator 13.2kVA (Enclosed) with ATS

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FAW Diesel Generator 13.2kVA (Enclosed) with ATS

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Features & Benefits       

  • 2kVA Standby power at 23v @ 50Hz 1500rpm
  • High-quality and reliable four-cylinder 2.271 normally – aspirated FAWDE Diesel engine.
  • Ideal for home and business applications.
  • Silent canopy which can stand outside with lockable doors.
  • Automatic changeover (ATS), maintenance free batteries and trickle charger.
  • H-specifications insulation, brushless alternator with AVR provides stable output.
  • High-temperature and oil pressure sensor to protect against engine damage.
  • Easy to sue digital controller with auto/manual start options.
  • All sets undergo a comprehensive testing/pre-delivery inspection prior to delivery.
  • Peace of mind of earlier of one year/1000 hour warranty.



Additional information

Weight 749 kg
Dimensions 200 × 92 × 105 cm
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