Solar cable

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Solar cable 6mm2

– the cable is single core, therefore is necessary to have a + and –

– diameter without outter layer 4,67mm
– outter diameter 7mm
– double isolated
– UV resistant
– flame protection
– suitable for MC4 connector (male and female) and Tyco


Industrial EtherNet Cable Plug by Black Red sheath 200m 500m Tinned annealed copper 500V high voltage 6mm dc pv1f pv solar wire cable.

PV solar cable
The 0.6/1KV solar cable is a tinned copper conductor, XLPO insulation, and LSZH sheath, which is designed for connecting  photovoltaic system components inside and outside of buildings and equipment with high mechanical requirements and extreme weather  conditions. It has the characteristics of UV resistance, wears resistance, and aging resistance, and the service life is more than  25 years.


The solar cable is also called PV cable, which connects photovoltaic modules and inverters, and the cable is used in 600/1000V AC 1500V DC. Solar energy systems are often used under harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the solar cable is different from ordinary cables. In comparison, PV cables have the characteristics of temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali salt resistance, UV resistance, flame retardancy, and environmental protection.